Economy October 12, 2018 | 10:29 am

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China envoy says agreements are in the offing

Zhang Run, Foreign minister Miguel Vargas.

Santo Domingo.- China ambassador, Zhang Run, said Thurs. that he works intensively with the Dominican Government to establish the institutional framework leading to the agreements for both nations to sign.

In a ceremony to the flag to mark China’s independence organized by New Horizons School, the diplomat said the agreements will pave the way for future cooperation and has been working on those projects during the 50 days he’s been on Dominican soil.


Zhang said he has found a broad consensus in the authorities, personalities from all sectors and political forces in support of Beijing-Santo Domingo ties.

First official activity in the country

“I have been here for about 50 days and I have met with the authorities, personalities of all sectors, and I am very happy that I find a general consensus, broad cross section of all sectors, of all political forces in support of the establishment of the new relations between China and the Dominican Republic,” he said.

The act to the flag, which was attended by the ambassador, is Zhang’s first official activity in which he participates as China’s envoy.

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