Economy October 19, 2018 | 12:54 pm

Buy car in DR

The country still lags in financing trough securities

Santiago Camarena, Clara González. Photo

Santo Domingo.- The executive vice-president of the securities trader Alpha Inversiones on Thurs. said the market’s conditions are ripe to work on the country’s long-term development strategy.

Santiago Camarena, interviewed on El Nuevo Diario TV, said diversification is the key, since other types of financing are public-private partnerships and investments in corporate assets, and that both are very profitable.

He noted that the experience in other countries is that investments have a high concentration in government securities.

Green bonds

The business leader also affirmed that the country isn’t taking advantage of the green bond issues. He cited the fact that the Punta Catalina power plant wasn’t financed by that market through the pension fund, even when some power companies have issued debt in a transparent manner and have been “very well placed.”

“You cannot think that the world is totally globalized, we have to be prepared for a change of technology that could impact employment and production; we must think in the longer term, for example 15 years; for example the transport with the massive import of vehicles.”

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