Economy December 20, 2018 | 8:35 am

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Business leaders press hard for NW port upgrade

Santiago.- Business leaders from the northern Cibao region on Wed. demanded that the Government forge a public-private alliance to improve and normalize operations at Manzanillo port (northwest).

In a meeting in the country’s second city, Industrial Development Association (APEDI) president Fernando Capellán stressed what he labels as an urgent need to refurbish and fully utilize Manzanillo .

“If we do not have that seaway in full capacity to compete, we are not only running the risk of losing the banana market, but other agricultural items that we produce here and even items of the national industry,” Capellán warned.

He noted the “very high” cost to haul goods from Santiago and other northern provinces to the ports of Puerto Plata, Caucedo and Haina.

Capellan added that despite several statements of intent in favor of Manzanillo port, nothing has been done yet. “It’s urgent to erect the breakwater of Manzanillo port in a first phase even if the other tasks are concluded later.”

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