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First job will not replace posts

The president of the Dominican Federation of Merchants (FDC) and Dominican Chamber of Commercial Companies (Cadeco), Iván de Jesús García, on Tues. said the national business sector is committed to creating unmet demands in the Dominican labor market. Hence its proposal is a preliminary bill that encourages the first job to young professionals graduated from universities and other study centers located throughout the country, without previous experience.

The draft bill raises the request of the commercial sector to cover a reduction of 10% of the salary to be paid to a young person (18 to 30 years) who is employed for the first time, for the fact that many enter the school late, especially those who live in the fields of the country.

This 10% reduction would be deductible for one year of the annual income tax (ISR) payment, only to the salaries paid for the first job. The commercial leader participated in meeting Listin Diario on Globalization. Coordinated by economist Juan Guiliani Cury for this section of Economics & amp; Businesses, where he assured that with the proposed law on the first job, employers will not seek to substitute labor, which is guaranteed in the preliminary draft that will be submitted to the Congress of the Republic. Included is a clause that provides for a penalty for the employer to replace employees for new jobs.

What it is about, García said, is to contribute to the creation of unsatisfied demands for jobs in young people, a situation that is not only observed in the capital city and the large provinces, but throughout the country, because in many communities there is universities and study centers training personnel for companies.

In January of this year, businessman José Luis Corripio Estrada (don Pepin) expressed his concern about issues that he considers to be foreseeable such as the employment of young people. He advocated a code for the first job that works in parallel with the Labor Code, which addresses the need of those who do not have jobs and opens the doors to the labor market. The president of the FDC indicated that the proposal suggests that young people between 18 and 30 years old be included, given that in the villages many people enter the school at an older age than in the cities.

“There is a commitment from employers that people who correctly do their job will not have difficulties,” he said.

“It is not that if you have 100 employees in your company, you will enter ten more to comply with the first job law because then you will have 10 more employees. We are going to create the unmet demand that we have because we are needing more personnel and for all the problems that the Labor Code contains, they are not being created, “explained the president of the FDC.

He argued that this initiative favors quality jobs with the hiring of professionals and technicians because it is a participatory and regulated project with universities, SMEs, industries, free zones, banks, and other productive sectors.

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