Economy March 8, 2019 | 8:47 am

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Drought in the Northwest the most severe in 60 years

Montecristi, Dominican Republic.- The drought in the Northwest, which the locals say is the most severe of the last 60 years, impacts everything, from humans and animals to agriculture and the environment.

They pray to God for rain.

“The clouds laden with water dance on the wild lands from which a stifling heat emanates amidst a panorama of dry leaves, almost skeletal animals, dust that invades all spaces and containers in front of homes and establishments waiting for a bit of water from which, once or twice a week, which government agencies give away,” writes Adalberto de la Rosa, of Diario Libre.

Among the hardest hit sectors is livestock, as cattle die every day which collapse malnourished and parched.

Ranchers however acknowledge a lack of prevention, and noted that measures had to be taken before the situation reached the current calamity.

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