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British Envoy: Commonwealth’s impact is worldwide

Miriam Stern, Fernández González, Chris Campbell, José María Cabral.

Santo Domingo, RD.- Great Britain ambassador, Chris Campbell, on Mon. stressed the global impact of the Commonwealth comprised of 53 countries on 6 continents, totaling 2.4 billion people, a third of the world’s population , which control 25 percent of international trade.

The diplomat spoke during a meeting with Roundtable of Commonwealth Countries in Dominican Republic, president Fernando González Nicolás and secretary José María Cabral, to mark World Commonwealth Day.

Campbell read the special message for this occasion issued by Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain, as every second Monday in March is the commemorative date.

“There is a very special value in the knowledge that we obtain through the connection of the Commonwealth; shared heritages help us overcome the difference so that diversity is a reason for celebration and not division,” the British envoy said in a statement.

By the numbers

For González Nicolás, the Commonwealth countries are not just important destinations for Dominican exports as well as a source of foreign investment and tourism, but it can also find “very valuable experiences in innovation and competitiveness that can be capitalized.” He cited New Zealand and Singapore that distinguished themselves in 2018 as the most attractive nations for business and investment.

“in 2018 Dominican exports to the Commonwealth countries were strengthened to reach US$1.5 billion, the main destinations of domestic products India, first, with US$689 million; Canada, second, with 637 million; Great Britain, third, with 105 million; Jamaica, with 70 million; and Trinidad and Tobago, in fifth, with US$31 million.

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