Economy March 22, 2019 | 4:24 pm

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Dominican immigrants still on top in NYC with 449,338

New York.- Dominicans continue to maintain a majority among immigrant groups in New York City, with 449,338 residents for 14.3%, as confirmed by an official report of the office of the mayor titled “State of Our Immigrants in the City.”

The Dominicans are followed by the Chinese with 365,885 residents for 11.6%, while the Jamaicans are in third place with 169,067, or 5.4%.

The Mexicans follow at 5%, with 156,212 nationals residing in the city, and followed by Guyanese with 134,120, for 4.3%, in front of Ecuadorians who occupy the sixth place with 4.1% and 128,0000 residents.

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