Economy April 5, 2019 | 10:25 am

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Dominican Industry priority: signing of Electricity Pact

Santo Domingo.- The signing of the Electricity Pact, the labor reform and the protection of national production are priorities for the Dominican Republic Industry Association (AIRD), its president Celso Juan Marranzini affirmed Friday.

“There’s a need to take urgent measures that allow industries to compete quickly and flexibly in the international market and in the local market, to realize a true strategy of promotion of exports and business innovation.”

He said those measures would lead to a new productive model that places them alongside nations that 40 years ago had a level of development similar to Dominican Republic’s, as is the case of South Korea.

He said industries need to adopt and adapt technologies already available that improve productivity and competitiveness, incorporate advanced capital assets and best practices.

“It is necessary to implement as soon as possible the proposed measures within the National Competitiveness Council that constitute an extension of the facilities of the Pro-Industry Law, which provide mechanisms to stimulate industries to acquire, improve and absorb technologies and capacities for promote innovation in products and processes,” he said.

The businessman spoke to mark National Industry Day, in which Jairon Severino, of outlet El Dinero, and Haydeé Ramírez, of Contacto magazine were awarded the industrial journalism prize.

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