Economy April 25, 2019 | 3:12 pm

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Dominican, Puerto Rican officials pact joint exports

M. Vargas, L. Rivera

Santo Domingo.- To promote the integration of policies to attract investment in strategic sectors and design training programs, Foreign minister Miguel Vargas and Puerto Rico secretary of State, Luis Rivera on Thurs. agreed to create the “Council for the Joint Attraction of Investments, Promotion of projects and exports Dominican Republic-Puerto Rico.”

They also agreed to cooperate and participate jointly in United States Government programs to spur the growth of their exports to North American territory.

“What we are doing is identifying the competitive advantages of the companies of the Dominican Republic, the Puerto Rican companies, identifying the potential markets that we can access together to leverage these competitive advantages, these resources, this Caribbean talent that distinguishes us so much,” Rivera said.

“Puerto Ricans, like Dominicans, will help each other compete and strengthen ourselves in international trade and traffic,” the official added.

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