Economy May 16, 2019 | 7:51 am

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Dominican expert explains regulations on electronic invoicing

Santo Domingo.- Introducing leading edge technological tools in the Dominican Republic to help companies comply with the new Internal Taxes (DGII) regulations regarding electronic invoicing is what Dominican Lory Troche seeks, banking on her success in the international arena in the area of ​​innovation.

“It’s not a secret that many companies and executives are wagering on Artificial Intelligence (AI), the automation of robotic and structured processes, and business intelligence, as allies in their strategy to maintain competitiveness in the current digital age,” the expert said, quoted by Listin Diario.

The EO and founder of the Canada based Innovation Centric Group (ICG) said that electronic invoicing, for example, although it will be a challenge for many companies, has the potential to improve the financial operations of companies, both for suppliers and buyers.

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