Economy June 26, 2019 | 2:23 pm

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Humanity’s challenge: reduce plastics pollution

Santo Domingo.- It’s advisable to take into account successful experiences in the reduction of plastics pollution and support consensual legislation to regulate the handling and contamination of those materials.

Roundtable of Commonwealth Countries in Dominican Republic, president Fernando González Nicolás noted that “it’s appropriate to highlight that in the legislation in the Caribbean English is including the technology of biodegradation as a solution to the problem.”

He said the Dominican Republic began to manufacture and export biodegradable plastics to Jamaica. “This is very positive to local exports and to the permanence of plastics as containers.”

The business leader opened the workshop “Biodegradation of plastic a solution to pollution ” in the Industries Association, where he also highlighted that the biodegradation of plastic is a technology perfected by the British industry “that has proven to be reliable, practical and economical to reduce the effect of these disposable materials after its use.”


Environment minister, Ángel Estévez, labeled as serious the problem that represents waste pollution for humanity.

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