Economy July 2, 2019 | 8:49 am

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Deer hunting can be regulated: official

Santo Domingo.- The Environment Ministry plans to control deer hunting in Monte Plata (east), although no public or private entity has inventoried or studied the animals, which for decades have been spotted roaming the sugar cane fields of the country’s biggest province.

Environment Ministry Biodiversity director José Manuel Mateo said licenses to hunt deer aren’t granted, because the hunting of any species is banned. “Permits are not granted to hunt them, but there is always the risk that one of the hunters will be injured accidentally. That’s a risk that should be taken into account in this activity.”

He added that Monte Plata’s deer population shouldn’t be decimated. “The ideal is that hunting can be regulated. Officially no permits are granted for the hunting of any species. In fact, there is a resolution that prohibits hunting any species. I think you have to establish rules and regulations to hunt deer without putting the lives of human beings at risk.”

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