Economy July 29, 2019 | 9:31 am

Buy car in DR

China looks to Dominican highlands for trade, investment

First were the Spaniards, then the Japanese...

Constanza, Dominican Republic.- The Dominican-China Chamber of Commerce and the Chinese Mission in the country held a meeting with leaders of the agro and tourism clusters, and business leaders as well, to present investment and trade exchanges between Constanza and the Asian country.

Dominican-China Chamber president, Roberto Santana headed the activity, with chamber vice president Helen Yang, and executives How Xionwen, and William Silva.

Santana outlined the policy on trade and Chinese investments in different countries of the world and stressed the need for Constanza producers to “open their doors to the varied possibilities offered by this country for the development of business projects and trade in the agricultural, floriculture, tourism, and artisanal areas.”

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