Economy November 25, 2019 | 10:44 am

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Private sector keeps an eye over power plant sale

C. Almanzar.

Santo Domingo.- The Dominican Industries Association (AIRD) considers normal and transparent the creation of a new company for the subsequent sale of a 50% stake in the Punta Catalina Power Plant, but suggests keeping vigilance over some aspects.

AIRD president Celso Juan Marranzini notes that the fact that the State disposes assets is correct, because its function is not to manage assets or be an entrepreneur, although “we must be careful to be such a large investment, see the sale and share price and the price at which the State would buy energy from the Edes (distributors).”

“Now, AIRD executive vice president Circe Almánzar said separately, when the sale of 49% of the shares they have announced is to be vigilant, because that is where the PPP (power purchase pact) contract must be transparent, of the value that the shares will be sold, the operation and who will manage the plant.”

Details, details

Meanwhile the Dominican Electric Industry Association (ADIE) says it awaits for the authorities to publish all the specific information related to the company Central Termoeléctrica Punta Catalina S.A., together with the details of the process.

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