Economy November 26, 2019 | 3:24 pm

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It’s time to get serious about renewable energy

Santo Domingo.- More than 90 companies grouped in the Association for the Promotion of Renewable Energy (Asofer) express their concern about the limitation that arises in a regulation of energy interconnection that puts a cap on up to 15% the injection of solar energy in many circuits that operate the distribution companies of the national electricity sector, when in other countries this renewable covers up to 70% and no limits in others.

Quoted by Listín Diario, Asofer directors Carlos Grullón and Carlos Rodríguez said that although the distributors Edes) are their allies, there are two of them (Edesur and Edeeste) in which the requirement of the regulation that It establishes that a supplementary study be carried out, in the case of the first, and in the second, there is almost never availability for the installation of bidirectional meters, that is, those that work with electricity and solar energy simultaneously.

“The use of solar energy in the electricity generation matrix in the country is barely 4.5%, when this is a country with a lot of sun and wind that can get more out of it than in addition to being beneficial for the environment and the cost of service to the population also benefits the Edes because it reduces the cost of power, due to technical losses and the purchase of imported fuels,” said Grullón.

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