Economy December 2, 2019 | 11:46 am

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Association agrees: foreign investment climate ‘unpredictable’

Santo Domingo.- In response to US Ambassador Robin Bernstein’s statement that the country’s investment climate is “unpredictable,” the Dominican Foreign Investment Companies Association (ASIEX) on Mon. said foreign investment requires stable regulations that contribute to constantly increase transparency and encourage confidence and predictability for the attraction and retention of long-term investments, “which will contribute to the levels of international competitiveness in terms of Foreign Direct Investment.”

Bernstein said there is a concern about the predictability of the investment climate in the country.

ASIEX believes that certainly foreign investment faces challenges especially in terms of stability over the long term for investors.

“When an investor anywhere in the world decides to invest capital in a specific market, it does so on the basis of established regulations hoping to recover the investment over time and expand its growth. The abrupt change of the same or the absence of consensus for the formulation of regulatory reforms generate uncertainties for the arrival and retention of investment, and loss of competitiveness for any destination.”

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