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DR set to be tropical avocado world exporter

Weekly Economic Meeting of the Newspaper today, with Executives of the Exporta Quality Program: Juan José Aracena, deputy director: Peggy Aviotti, facilitator of market liaison; Brian Rudert, CEO; Lando Reyes, in charge of Communications and Carlos Puello, director of Monitorio and Evaluation. Today / Napoleon Mars 12/10/2019

The Dominican Republic applies a strategy to become the world’s largest exporter of tropical avocado, which is green shell avocado, said Executing Quality Export Program (PEC) executives, funded by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) in English) in the country since 2015 and ends in 2020.

They explained that this avocado has been taken to fairs in the United States and its tasting has caused a great sensation, so its potential is enormous.

PEC executives Brian Rudert, CEO; Juan José Aracena, deputy director; Peggy Aviotti, market link facilitator; Lando Reyes, in charge of Communications, and Carlos Puello, director of Monitorio and Evaluation, participated in the Economic Meeting today.

The general director of the program said that green peel avocado is only sold in 10% of stores in the United States that sell this type of fruit and people do not know it.

“We sent avocados green peel in Florida and had a good reaction. People said that this was something that could be produced in laboratories, due to size,” he said.

Carlos Puello, director of the PEC Monitoring and Evaluation Center, said they went to the largest agricultural fair in the United States last October, where a private collective brand was presented that was well received.
Brian Rudert said that there are two avocado markets in the world: the famous Hass and the green peel.

He recalled that there is a great demand for this avocado in the international market and the people of Hass invest in promotion in the United States and Europe. He said that the green peel avocado has advantages over the Hass and put as an example that the first if cut, can last two or three days in a refrigerator, which does not happen with its rival.

“The Exporta Calidad Program is funded by the United States Department of Agriculture. It is a fairly sui generis program because the function is to promote agricultural exports to the United States,” he said.

He indicated that the only DR-Cafta country that was not taking advantage of agricultural export opportunities to the United States was the Dominican Republic.

The sale of soybean meal and vegetable oil in the local market generated about US $ 15 million, with which the program was financed.

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