Economy December 24, 2019 | 7:41 am

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Consumer confidence in DR is positive

The results of the twenty-fifth Consumer Confidence Survey (ICC-RD) of the Ministry of Economy, Planning, and Development (MEPYD), last October, show a positive variation in the overall consumer confidence index of 1.3 points compared to that observed in May 2019.

The Consumer Confidence Index of the Dominican Republic includes the assessment of the current status and expectations of the personal and country economic situation. It is broken down into complementary indicators on prices, labor market, savings, and consumption, considering the current situation (current situation) and consumption expectations.

In the recent results of the improvement of the global index of confidence of the Dominican consumer, with respect to the previous survey, has contributed the greater confidence in the future situation (7.7 points), which even surpasses the barrier of the 100 points for the first time since May 2015.

There was an increase in global consumer confidence in price stability (9.7 points) and followed, in order of importance, the variation in confidence in consumer capacity (6.8), in opportunities of the labor market (6.6) and, finally, confidence in saving capacity (3.7). By geographical area, the greatest variations were experienced in the tourist area.

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