Economy January 2, 2020 | 12:07 pm

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Dominican Industries cite gains, pending hurdles to economy

Gain, brewery

Santo Domingo.- The Dominican Republic Industries Association (AIRD) on Tue. said in 2020, the deficiencies that still constitute hurdles to advance production must be corrected.

The AIRD also calls on the government, academics, workers, legislators and industries to push together “the train that will take the Dominican Republic towards the fourth industrial revolution.”

“The economic performance in 2020 can be seen with optimism, but it is necessary to recognize that there are great challenges that, if faced and on time, would push the economy to continue with the favorable performance exhibited in recent years,” the AIRD says in a statement quoted by Diario Libre.

It adds that among the temporary elements to face figures the staging of electoral processes: municipal elections in February, presidential and congressional in May and an eventual second round in June. “For the AIRD it is essential that these processes take place with total adherence to the law and in an environment that generates confidence in the economy at all times.”

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