Economy January 17, 2020 | 4:59 pm

Buy car in DR

All fuels fall, except natural gas


Santo Domingo.- Fuel prices for the week from January 18 to 24 in gallons:

Premium gasoline RD$233.50, RD$1.70 less.

Regular gasoline RD$217.90, RD$2.30 less.

Regular diesel RD$182.40, RD$3.40 less.

Optimal diesel RD$194.70, RD$3.50 less.

Avtur RD$147.00, RD$4.00 less.

Kerosene RD$173.40, falls RD$4.90.

Fuel oil RD$95.46, decreases RD$3.00.

Propane gas (LPG) RD$97.30, RD$0.20 less.

Natural gas continues at RD$28.97 per cubic meter.

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