Economy January 30, 2020 | 4:17 pm

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Jobless young people ‘very serious’ at 53.3%

Santo Domingo.- More than 100 youth leaders from 38 organizations together with Labor Ministry representatives and members of Ceduca (Center for Education and Development) gathered at the V Inter-municipal Forum of Public Policies on Youth and Employment.

This is the fifth meeting organized by the Ceduca, to highlight the employment situation of young people in the Dominican Republic.

Through a report by the institution organizing the event, the past, present and future of young people, their problems and their possible solutions were discussed.

“The purpose of this Forum is to hear from the authorities proposed on youth employment and that young people can also make proposals to the Government, the City Council, etc.,” said Alba Reyes, president of Ceduca.

“We must analyze what is happening from the Government in terms of implementation of public policies”, making it clear that the study data are worrisome and the employment status of young people is “very serious,” at 53.3% jobless.

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