Economy February 24, 2020 | 10:50 am

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Govt. says key 49-Km highway is finished

Santo Domingo.- Public Works minister Ramón Pepín on Sat. said construction of the 46.8-kilometer highway is finished, with several spans widened to four lanes.

“A grievance that Puerto Plata has had for many years, will soon be a reality,” the official said in a statement. “It has filled the community and broad sectors of this province and other sectors with satisfaction, communities that connect through that route with the so-called Bride of the Atlantic.”

Pepín stressed the importance of the route since it links the Central Cibao, the Northwest and the Atlantic Coast.

“This road will not only impact Puerto Plata, but the entire region, and once finished, will have a positive balance in the productive and tourist sectors, not only in Puerto Plata, but throughout the region.”

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