Economy May 1, 2020 | 3:49 pm

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Gasolines rise, diesel, propane fall

Santo Domingo.- Fuel prices for the week of May 2 to 8, in gallons:

Premium gasoline RD$165.30, an increase of RD$2.30

Regular gasoline RD$150.30, an increase of RD$2.40

Regular diesel RD$105.60, lower by RD$9.00

Optimal diesel RD$118.80, a drop of RD$12.10

Avtur RD$71.20, a drop of RD$9.90

Kerosene RD$92.00, down RD$10.80

Fuel Oil #6 RD$63.10, a drop of RD$2.30

Fuel Oil 1% drops RD$5.80 to RD$73.30

Propane (LPG) RD$89.70, a drop of RD$0.20

Natural Gas remains at RD$28.97 per cubic meter

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