Economy May 5, 2020 | 7:36 am

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‘No date yet’ to open Dominican Republic’s economy

Santo Domingo.- Economy Minister Juan Ariel Jiménez on Monday clarified that the Government does not yet have any date to reopen Dominican Republic’s economy.

The official indicated that from the moment the social or physical distancing measures were taken, it was known that they would be temporary in order to strengthen the health system and prevent an increase in the number of contagion.

“But that later it would be necessary to return to a new modality and one that should focus on a distance that is intelligent.”

Interviewed on CDN’s Morning Focus program, Jiménez indicated that what has been spreading and that was given as an official in the media, as a proposal by the Government, was only an internal working document, and that make up a conglomerate of proposals that are considered for the opening.

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