Economy May 6, 2020 | 8:58 am

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Gov. shouldn’t wage a ‘holy war’ against online ventures

Santo Domingo.- Instead of trying to wage a “holy war” against online ventures, wanting to block international platforms that some define as “monopolistic,” it should not go against something that is working and adding value to the Dominican public.

The assertion is from the technological entrepreneur Arturo López Valerio who proposed to the actors who make public policies that instead of attacking the “friendly wolves,” measures be taken to simplify the processes of creating digital businesses.

He said the elements of innovation will always be ahead of any regulation, law, political or economic group. That sense of counterweight, “you have to start building it in the communities and you can’t hit it all at once.”

The author of the book “#Emprende a guide for ordinary citizens,” spoke on La 91.3 FM, where he added that the current market has two main actors: the “friendly wolves” and the “despicable sheep.”

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