Economy May 24, 2020 | 3:24 pm

Buy car in DR

19 ships come to the DR loaded with goods

Signs of normalcy slowly return


Two NYK Line freighters with vehicles will arrive at the port of Santo Domingo that come from Japan with a transfer from the USA, Central, and South America: the Horizon Leader that will arrive on the 30th, and the Talia that will also arrive on the 30th.

Three Crowley merchants from the USA, Central America, and the Caribbean will also be received.

Two of these merchants come to the port of East Haina: Deneb J is expected on the 27th, and the whereabouts are also scheduled on the 27th.

The other merchant from Crowley is the Babun Express that will arrive in Puerto Plata on the 26th.
Also, six Zim Containers ships are expected to bring products from ports in the USA, the Caribbean, North, Central, and South America.

Four of these ships come to Caucedo port: the MSC Fiammetta will arrive on the 27th; the Asiatic Horizon is expected on the 27th; the Green Star will arrive on the 28th, and the following day 29 will play in East Haina, and the Asian Moon comes on the 30th and then it will arrive in Haina Oriental that same day.

Zim’s other two ships are awaited in East Haina: CFS Panjang up on 28, and the Ileos come on the 31st.

Two ONE steamers will arrive at Puerto Caucedo from Europe, North, Central, and South America: the Mol Experiense arriving on the 27th, and the Calais Trader expected on the 29th.

Finally, six Hapag Lloyd vans are expected at the Caucedo multimodal port with varied merchandise taken from ports in Europe, North, Central, and South America.

They are: Santos Express is coming on the 24th; Hammonia Emden will arrive on the 27th; the Calais Trader comes on the 29th; the Cartagena Express is expected on the 29th; MY NY is scheduled for the 31st, and the Evridiki G is coming on June 3rd.

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