Economy May 25, 2020 | 10:14 am

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Remittance companies want to pay ‘only in Dominican RD$’

Santo Domingo.- Some people who receive income from abroad complain that remittance companies want to force them to receive Dominican pesos in the country, instead of the dollars deposited by the relatives who send them money.

Listín Diario reports that several people complained that they are aware that this is happening in the market despite the fact that the relatives who deposit the remittances request that the delivery to the destination be in dollars and not pesos.

One of them said she has experienced the practice twice in a renowned remittance company in the Dominican Republic. She said that during the coronavirus pandemic emergency period, she has received two shipments from the United States. The first time, after a long line, when it was her turn, the cashier told her that he could only pay in Dominican pesos. “Sorry, we don’t have dollars, you will have to come back later or go to another branch.”

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