Economy June 7, 2020 | 8:28 am

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High temperatures and oversupply in Dominican Republic affect the egg market

Some eggs reach consumers as if they were & ldquo; parboiled & rdquo ;. Colmados sells it for RD $ 7.

Santo Domingo, DR


Carlos Mercedes, the owner of Distribuidora de Huevos Mercedes, said that high temperatures and oversupply are affecting the market for eggs since it’s taking more than 15 days to sell after they leave the farm.

When contacted by reports from people that they have bought eggs that were damaged, Mercedes clarified that there is a lot of production, and the end-user reaches RD $ 5 and RD $ 6. Mercedes, who has his business in the Mercado de la Duarte, said that the eggs cost intermediaries between RD $ 3.20 and RD $ 3.50, so selling them for more than RD $ 6 in the grocery stores is not feasible. Egg cartons cost between RD $ 100 and RD $ 110. Mercedes reports that the overproduction of eggs has caused them to drop in price. Even though this product is highly consumed in the Dominican market, the egg distributor regretted that sales are “down” after the coronavirus pandemic.

“We are experiencing a heatwave, and as sales are weak, eggs are being damaged, reaching the final consumer with these defects,” he said.


In supermarkets, a carton of eggs of 30 units costs between RD $ 175 and RD $ 215, minimum and maximum prices, according to the Dominican Price Information System (SIDIP) of Pro Consumidor. The economy cartons cost RD $ 130 and RD $ 150.

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