Economy June 8, 2020 | 2:58 pm

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An egg on the farm is worth RD $ 2.50 in the DR but costs up to 8 pesos when it reaches the public

Esteban Ferreiras, producer of Moca eggs.

Santo Domingo, DR


Esteban Ferreiras, speaking on behalf of the associations of egg producers in the city of Moca, assured that the industry is facing the loss of the tourist market due to the closure of hotels, the decrease in Haitian demand due to the closure of the border and the difficulty placing them in distribution channels due to general restrictions imposed by the Government as a result of the pandemic.

This results in, Ferreiras said, a current reduction in demand and a collapse in prices.

Currently, the sale price of the farm egg unit is RD $ 2.20 – RD $ 2.50; which is equivalent to RD $ 60.00 and RD $ 75.00 per carton of 30 units, said the economist in relation to the publication of this medium of eggs bought in supermarkets that seem “parboiled” and in grocery stores at RD $ 7 a unit.

“Unfortunately, this decrease in farm egg prices does not usually reach the consumer. Currently, the price paid by the consumer is between RD $ 6.00 and RD $ 8.00 per unit, depending on the type of establishment. This also makes it difficult for the momentary surplus to come out.” he explained. It calls on supermarket chains to work with farmers to place deals and for the population to benefit from current prices, especially at this time of the coronavirus pandemic.

Farmers are currently only receiving 60% of the regular price of the egg and selling it below the cost of production, which has increased due to the devaluation of the peso. Every day the egg production industry in the Dominican Republic loses from RD $ 10 to RD $ 11 million, he said.

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