Economy June 23, 2020 | 9:02 am

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Covid-19 crisis has forced the closure of businesses in the Dominican Capital

Santo Domingo, DR


Since March of this year, many businesses have been affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. The gyms have been closed since the social confinement began, and possibly it will not be until August when they restart operations, but still, there is uncertainty about whether it will really be by this date when their doors reopen.

However, while these businesses must continue paying their bills, their business has been put on hold, leading to bankruptcy, which is why their owners have made the decision to permanently close their doors. This is the case of the emblematic “Body Health” gym, which was founded in 1980. Through a statement on its Instagram account, the company announced its definitive closure, thanking its members for the support provided during these 40 years.

“On behalf of the entire Body Health family, we wish you never lose the pleasure of being fit. Our legacy remains in all of you (…) It has been an honor to serve you,” highlighted the company.

The closings
Social networks also comment on the closure of a renowned gym in the Silver Sun Gallery. On Instagram, demonstrations appear as “today I was in the Silver Sun parking lot and they were mounting the machines in a truck, I asked them why and they informed me that the gym had removed it.”

Others point out: “I don’t understand how a gym with so many people, that we can’t fit, will close because it didn’t work for them,” while some clients complain because even though they’re not going to exercise here, they still charge them the monthly fee as usual.

Food places
Bondelic pastry. In an Instagram statement, they reported the closure of their branch on Sarasota Avenue, where the establishment had been for more than 10 years.

“28 years ago in a small shop in Ensanche Julieta, we opened our doors, characterized from the first day by the quality and freshness of our biscuits and desserts (…) Then 18 years later we decided to open our branch on Av. Sarasota to be a little closer to you, and you will enjoy sitting in our facilities to share some time with a coffee or our delicious snacks and desserts. But it is time to thank and say goodbye to our branch of Avenida Sarasota (…) We will continue to provide you with the best service and quality in the country from our branch in Ensanche Julieta, where it all started,” says Bondelic.

The Miter restaurant also announced on its Instagram account that in the face of “the new reality and facing the new normal,” it has been decided to unite the operations of Miter and Bottega Fratelli.

The Miter restaurant, which was 14 years old, indicated that Bottega Fratelli will continue to operate with an independent entrance and during the time this process takes for the Covid-19 they will continue to receive takeaway orders and make deliveries.

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