Business & Pleasure July 15, 2020 | 4:03 pm

In the markets there are more products than customers in the Dominican Republic

Some products have risen in price.

Santo Domingo, DR

 The sway of buyers was slow on Tuesday morning both in the Merca de Santo Domingo and in the Mercado Nuevo de la Duarte, where the tables were full of fresh products while the vendors waited for customers to come and but their wares.

The use of masks was widespread in all people who attended the markets in search of merchandise for their home or to supply their businesses, although it was notorious the difficulties of people to keep it on their nose and mouth.

Merca’s vegetable vendor, Juan Mosquea Pérez, said sales have dropped long after the last election and some products have reflected price increases of up to 30%. He clarifies that something is always “chopped” and the market maintains its rhythm, but that “on some days more than others the thing feels weak.”

Mosquea Pérez explains that in products such as aubergine, okra, bananas, and lettuce you feel the increase in prices, but people do not protest because “they are very adapted to how things are going.”

In the Merca

The fruits exhibited acceptable prices except for the chinola, whose dozen ranges from RD $ 110. Mango depending on the type was offered from RD $ 5 to up to five units for RD $ 100, watermelon, and pitahaya (dragonfruit) for RD $ 20 a pound, ripe bananas at three for RD $ 10 and a pound of lemons at RD $ 25. In the vegetable area, the cubane pepper between RD $ 15 and RD $ 25 a pound, the bell pepper between RD $ 30 and RD $ 45, the salad tomato at RD $ 25 a pound, the cucumber at RD $ 10, the cauliflower at RD $ 45, garlic between RD $ 180 and RD $ 190, white onion at RD $ 50 and red onion at RD $ 65.

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