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Gyms throughout the DR ask not to close their doors

They assure they contribute with reduction of stress generated by pandemic

Santo Domingo, DR


The industry of gyms and sports and wellness centers asked the High-Level Commission for the management of this crisis by COVID-19 to define a formal protocol of requirements for its operation with the participation of experts due to the importance of these centers in strengthening the immune system.

“The nature of our economic activity plays a role of special importance at this time, as it has been shown that regular physical activity contributes to strengthening the immune system, preventing high-risk conditions for the disease, such as hypertensionobesitydiabetes, among others; and the decrease in the level of stress caused by confinement, something unprecedented for current generations,” said the representatives of these businesses.

Owners of these businesses agree to apply a formal protocol and that audits be carried out to verify compliance with the measures.

In a press release, they said that they are willing to put in place a formal inspection and audit process so that their physical facilities and operating models of each company are evaluated, allowing those who meet the requirements for distance, ventilation to operate. , air conditioning, and hygiene necessary to offer society safe environments for physical activity.

They regretted that since the closure of operations, for four months, they have had a devastating financial and labor effect for the industry, without having fiscal protection measures or access to special financing conditions.

“Today, we are facing a new decision to close by the authorities with no defined time horizon, which places us in a much more dramatic and unsustainable situation, which puts the jobs of thousands of people at risk,” they indicated.

They clarified that they have made considerable investments in the adequacy of their operating models and in the strengthening of the rules of physical distance and hygiene.


The statement is signed by Golds GymClub Body ShopSmart FitSpexExerciseOrangeTheoryWorkoutTitleCoActice, and Biomotion.

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