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British Vogue publishes other photos of Samaná; editor says Dominican Republic is a beautiful country

The more natural side of Samaná

The other four images show completely different landscapes of the mangroves of Los Haitises National Park.



Santo Domingo, DR

After the scandal generated in the Dominican Republic by the publication of a British Vogue cover in which it shows a beach in the bay of Samaná full of garbage, this Monday the magazine published an article and a post on Instagram with the other photographs of the author.

The other four images show completely different landscapes of the mangroves of Los Haitises National Park, one of the main tourist attractions in the province.

The new post refers to the debate and criticism generated in the country by the photo selected for the cover, which was published together with others that showcase beautiful landscapes of Scotland, Iceland, and Japan.

The magazine explains that the five photos of the environmentalist, Carmen Danae, highlight different areas of the province, a place that the author claims to consider as her home because her family is from Samaná.

British Vogue highlights that Danae has spent the past two years helping to clean up the beaches of Samaná and that she hopes that in that image most people will not see the Dominican Republic, but themselves.

The article published on the magazine’s portal indicates that although Danae captured images of the paradisiacal Los Haitises National Park, the photograph that touched the actual “sensation point” of the editor-in-chief, Edward Enninful, was that of the contaminated beach.

The author of the article, Hayley Maitlande, describes Los Haitises as a popular tourist destination thanks to its emerald lagoons, spectacular rock formations, and lush mangroves.

Maitlande adds that Danae highlights the fragility of the most spectacular landscapes in the Dominican Republic and the world in her images.

“The Dominican Republic is one of the most beautiful places in the world,” Danae told Maitlande.

Danae added that plastic contamination is not the Dominican Republic’s problem, but a human one because we have all used plastic water bottles and opened packages filled with Styrofoam. So she hopes her photos will serve as a call to action.

What does the editor say?

Enninful, the editor who selected the photo, explained that he felt it was important to include an image, of a beach full of plastic, to serve as a warning.

The fact that it was taken (the photograph) in the Dominican Republic, which is an impressively beautiful country, is intended to be inconsequential. There are scenes like this all over the world. In fact, when the bull run was first lifted in London, where I live, we saw parks and beaches in the UK littered with trash after people enjoyed their first day outdoors for the first time in months. It saddens me to see our world destroyed like this,” said Enninful.


Many followers have applauded the new publication, which until nine in the morning had more than 500 comments, but many say that the damage has already been done.

The magazine’s reaction has occurred because the previous post generated great outrage in the country. Actors, communicators, influencers, photographers, businessmen, and many other people showed they were outraged through social networks and began to publish beautiful photos of the beaches of Samaná demanding British Vogue to do the same.

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