Economy July 31, 2020 | 4:30 pm

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Experts ensure Dominican Republic could be rich in clean energy in a short time

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The German expert Philipp D. Hauser and the businessman and president of the Association of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Companies of the Dominican Republic (EEFEER), Carlos Janáriz Iribarren, agreed that the country could be rich in clean energy in a short time due to the abundance and quality of its natural resources.

Both exhibitors made the statement at the videoconference held last Tuesday, under the auspices of the Faculties of Legal and Social Sciences, Engineering and Architecture, Agronomic and Veterinary Sciences, and Educational Sciences of the Autonomous University of Santo Domingo ( UASD, the Institute of Lawyers for Environmental Protection and the National Committee to Combat Climate Change.

They concluded that the country has greater potential than Germany and many other developed countries to generate energy from renewable sources such as the sun and the wind, so it will be able to attract large investments that would create jobs and economic growth.

Hauser highlighted that there is a crucial opportunity for countries such as the Dominican Republic, with abundant potential for low-cost renewable energy to replace much more expensive and polluting imported fossil fuels, and to obtain significant investment flows in the energy area.

Janáriz described as positive that solar investment is more profitable in the country than, for example, in Germany, because solar irradiation is infinitely greater here than in Europe.

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