Economy August 14, 2020 | 4:43 pm

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Philip Morris Dominicana and MUDE seek to combat pollution in the SD sector of DR

Philip Morris Dominicana and the Fundación Mujeres en Desarrollo Dominicana, Inc. (MUDE) launched the project “United to promote the comprehensive management of solid waste and garbage in the Villa Francisca de Santo Domingo sector.” Their objective is to combat contamination due to the mismanagement of solid waste.

“With this project, we seek to develop and share an innovative approach in areas where our contribution can have the greatest impact. For this, we see in education a key element to generate awareness in the consumer and then enable the use of containers for their waste ”, said Emmanuel Hilario, in charge of Contributions at Philip Morris Dominicana.

He added that they want communities to reduce the impact of their waste, promoting tangible and measurable improvements to the problem of cigarette butt garbage. As part of the project, MUDE undertakes as executor to encourage alliances and coordinate with the National District City Council, to generate strategies for collecting solid waste. At the same time, it will provide training for those who handle the waste.

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