Economy September 18, 2020 | 8:18 am

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Movement for Abinader to lift the curfew gathers steam

Santo Domingo.- In the Dominican Republic there is a whole movement for president Luis Abinader to lift the curfew to control the agglomerations of people and favor the physical and social distancing demanded by the health crisis caused by the coronavirus. Its promoters demonstrate both on social media and in marches in front of the National Palace.

The response to this request has generated a sea of ​​contradictions between different government actors that reveal a lack of coordination in their public policies and communication strategy.

While some insist on the need to maintain the measure to continue mitigating the impact of the coronavirus on the population, others speak of more flexible hours, there are even those who affirm that it is “a political measure and not a health measure,” as stated by none other than the Executive Branch’s Communications adviser, Holi Matos.

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