Economy October 28, 2020 | 5:02 pm

Buy car in DR

A Dominican senator earns 60% more than his or her American counterpart

SANTO DOMINGO. – A Dominican senator earns more than a North American, according to the comparison of the economist and historian Bernardo Vega.

“An American earns 10.4 million pesos ($179,000/year), and a Dominican earns 16.4 million, 60 percent more, and of those 16 million on average the ‘barrel’ is half, 8 million,” he said.

Bernardo added that in addition to the “barrel”, other benefits for congressmen is that twice during the administration, they have the right to sell an extraction, for example, a car.

“What a large number of them do is look for a very expensive car that pays a lot of taxes in Customs and sell the exoneration to a rich Dominican,” Vega explained.

As an alternative, Bernardo suggests that President Abinader get his congressmen, who are the majority, pass a law prohibiting the barrel and the exemption of vehicles.

“And still Dominican senators would earn more than an American,” the commentator concluded.


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