Economy October 30, 2020 | 4:28 pm

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The price of eggs will reach 8 pesos per unit and chicken also continues its upward price trend

Egg distributors and chicken meat retailers warned that these products would continue to increase in price due to the shortages they are experiencing.

Egg distributors ship cartons at 155-160 pesos with the previous cost at 120 pesos. Because of these new prices, distributor Carlos Mercedes said that the retailer would have to sell the unit at 7 or 8 pesos for transportation costs.

Currently, a pound of chicken, which hovered for weeks quoted at 45 pesos, is experiencing an increase of 10 and 15 pesos, said Victor de los Santos, a chicken retailer. According to his analysis, the price of the bird will continue its upward trend.

Consumers indicated that the population could not stand another increase in the products in the family grocery basket.

In response to these complaints, the Ministry of Agriculture Limber Cruz said yesterday that most of the problems faced by this agency are related to the rise in prices of basic staples are the result of natural phenomena and a “legacy” of the lack of planning of the previous government.

He assured that if necessary, he will control the price of the items through imports.

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