Economy November 2, 2020 | 7:47 am

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Tourism: Dominican Republic faces one of the strongest crises

Santo Domingo.- In July 2019 440,000 tourists entered the Dominican Republic and in July of this year, 50,000, and an occupancy rate of 5% in hotel terms, Tourism Minister, David Collado affirmed Sun.

“The same thing happened in August, a very similar number. 111,000 passengers were arriving in our country weekly. In August, to speak of an exact month, 9,000 passengers entered,” he said.

He said the figures reflect in a very clear way the crisis the sector is going through: “We are facing one of the strongest crises in the world and in the Dominican Republic, it is the most beaten.”

“And remember that it contributes 15 percent of GDP and that it directly provides 500,000 jobs. The challenge: we must assume it together.”

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