Economy November 2, 2020 | 4:31 pm

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Luis Abinader promises support to Inespre to bring cheap food to vulnerable sectors of the country

LOS ALCARRIZOS. – President Luis Abinader Corona promised to support the Institute of Price Stabilization (INESPRE) so that this institution can bring cheap food to the most vulnerable sectors of the country.

Abinader Corona stated that every penny of the “Government of Change” will cover the priorities of the people, among which he mentioned daily food.

During a visit to the Alcarrizos, the president spoke where he supervised, together with the director of Inespre, Iván Hernández Guzmán, an operation of popular food sales through the mobile warehouse program.

Hernández Guzmán reported that this operation benefited residents of 15 sectors of the Alcarrizos, including La Unión, Juana Saltitopa, La Piña, El Brisal, Villa Linda, La Cuaba, El 23 de Pantoja, Villa del Palmar (Pantoja), Invi, Los Americanos, Las Mercedes and Nuevos Horizontes, among others.

The executive director of Inespre announced that starting this Monday, November 2nd, the mobile warehouses will reach more than 40 sectors daily, with the support of the Presidency of the Republic and the Ministry of Agriculture.

The residents of Los Alcarrizos could acquire chickens at 100 pesos a unit, bananas at 5, rice at 90 pesos 5 pounds, garlic at 50 the half pound, onions at 50 the pound, egg cartons at 130 pesos, beans 2 pounds at 100, potatoes two and a half pounds at 100, spaghetti at 25 per pack ham at 50, salami at 2 pounds at 75 pesos, among other basic staples products.

Warehouses this Monday
This Monday the mobile warehouses visited the National District in the sectors of San Carlos, Ciudad Nueva, kilometer 8 and a half of the Sánchez highway, Ensanche La Paz, kilometer 11 of Independencia, Los Praditos, Manganagua, Costa Caribe and kilometer 7 of Independencia, Mata Hambre and Quisqueya.

In Santo Domingo North they sold in La Victoria, La Nueva Barquita, Guaricanos, Villa Mella, La Javilla, Guaricanos, Sabana Centro and El Tanque de Milloncito.

While in Santo Domingo West they were in Palave, Bayona, El Palmar de Herrera, Pueblo Chico, Las Palmeras, Colinas del Norte, Pegoro, Los Platanitos in Pantoja, Villa Maria in Pantoja.

In Pedro Brand in Guayiga Centro, Eduard Brito 1 and 2, El Pedregal, Guayiga Park, Los Corosos, Los Cocos de Pedro Brand, Pedro Brand Centro, Paraiso, and Santa Barbara.

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