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Onec informs Black Friday will be held throughout the month of November to reactivate sales

Tour of the shops and squares crowded with buyers for Black Friday. The country / Today Gina De Camps 11/29/2013

The president of the National Organization of Commercial Companies (ONEC), Mario Lama, affirmed yesterday that Black Friday or Black Friday would not be held only on a weekend as it happened in the past, but during the entire month of November, at the end of reactivating sales that have been affected by the covid-19 pandemic.

He specified that ONEC established some parameters to make the most of sales during this month.

“We are going to maintain the offers during the entire month of November, and that way there will be no crowding of people and, therefore, there will be no riots inside the stores,” he said.

He recalled that last year there were tumults in large and small stores, but this year it will not be like that because customers will have more time to go to those businesses.
He expressed that they will follow the health protocols to avoid the spread of the coronavirus during this month.

He highlighted that all ONEC members have the protocol of measuring their clients’ temperature, giving them gel or alcohol at the entrance of the businesses, and, above all, the mandatory use of masks for everyone.

He expressed that it will increase and make online sales more efficient for those who do not want to go to stores.

He pointed out that the specials have already started this month, and there is an increase in sales, but it is expected that by the end of the month, “one already has a real thermometer and not like now, which is a hope or an expectation.”

He expressed that the stores plan to compensate for everything that the virus pandemic has affected sales in the commerce sector.

In his opinion, the offers are excellent, and the factories and distributors have put the batteries to have good offers for customers.

He expressed that it does not matter where the factory is established, be it the country or in South Korea, but they want to move their goods, and the opportunity is November and December.

He explained that the offers depend on the type of business and what is sought is to encourage sales. “The offers are excellent, and people want to take advantage of them,” he said.

He stated that all ONEC members, such as supermarkets, stores, shopping centers, and department stores, were already offering good deals and stressed that the health protocol will always protect customers.

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