Economy November 18, 2020 | 8:36 am

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Huawei the Dominican gov. snubs China, embraces US

Santo Domingo.- After the Dominican government desisted from an ambitious project managed and agreed with the Chinese firm Huawei to improve the country’s connectivity, it pledged yesterday with Washington to boycott suppliers of 5G equipment considered high risk, to safeguard the national security of both countries.

In a meeting led yesterday by President Luis Abinader, his government made a commitment with the Undersecretary of State for Economic Development, Energy and the Environment, Keith Krach, on the importance of securing telecom infrastructure and guaranteeing supply chains of secure technologies based on reliable, internationally accepted digital technology standards, through the promotion of the so-called clean initiative.


The strategic move of the United States further limits relations between China and the Dominican Republic, especially in matters related to investment in strategic areas.

With this initiative, the Dominican Republic joins more than 50 member countries of the so-called Clean Network, of which some 170 telecoms and tech companies are part around the world.

After a meeting held in the National Palace, the foreign minister said that, “it is critical that the data traveling through the 5G infrastructure of the Dominican Republic is secure. La Red Limpia provides countries and companies with a reliable base to guarantee the security of their most sensitive information.’’

Krach added “the participation of the Dominican Republic in the Clean Network paves the way for the expansion of investments by the US private sector and strengthens mutual guarantees for like-minded partners in the region and other parts of the world.”

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