Economy November 23, 2020 | 3:16 pm

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FEDA delivers 100 cows and 200 sows

Yesterday, the Special Fund for Agricultural Development (FEDA) delivered 100 cows, 200 sows, and 10,000 laying hens to producers from Villa Mella and Hacienda Estrella within the Return framework Field program.

The director of the organization, Efraín Toribio, stressed that President Luis Abinader develops this program within the new vision of assistance and aid to small agricultural producers.

He stressed that together with animals’ donation, 150 quintals of food were delivered for sows and the same amount for laying hens.

He said that the facilities for producers seek to encourage production and improve producers’ living conditions in rural areas of the country.

Toribio explained that the Return to the Field program is the new vision with which the FEDA authorities seek to help the peasants, on the instructions of President Abinader.

He recalled that the Return to the Field program has already benefited producers from La Rancha, in the municipality of El Cercado in the province of San Juan; the community of Jagua Gorda, in the municipal district of Tavera, in the region of La Vega; in the municipality of Tamayo, Baoruco province and Los Fríos municipal district, Azua province.

Likewise, the Young Sow program’s launch on the banks of the Camú River, La Vega Province, began. Agricultural technicians participate in each of the FEDA sessions, guiding farmers on how to obtain better results.

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