Economy November 26, 2020 | 2:07 pm

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Ministry of Agriculture establishes index to make prices transparent

Santo Domingo, DR

The Ministry of Agriculture published an announcement this week in the media, showing a price index for agricultural products.

In this regard, the Public Relations Department of the state entity told Listín Diario that this information is intended to make the cost of some items transparent.

The director of Communications of the ministry, Erick Montilla, indicated that because there is some misinformation in the distribution chain, the authorities have wanted to take to the citizens through a price list, the value suggested by the authorities.

“We want to know what the recommended price is after an analysis by Agriculture of how that product should arrive after passing through the distribution chain. This will serve the population in case it finds a higher cost in formal stores and thus have a defense,” said Montilla. He added that the price index’s objective is for citizens to defend themselves and for the agricultural authorities to offer the actual price of the items.

“It is not that we want a product that leaves the farm at RD$10 to reach the grocery store at that price, but neither do we want it to reach RD$50. That is why we are giving an estimate,” explained Montilla.

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