Economy December 5, 2020 | 11:14 am

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All fuel prices go up in Dominican Republic

Country - Protests of gasoline pumps, belonging to ANADEGAS, which closed their services during the morning of today, until 12 noon, as a call to the government to regulate the prices of the sale of fuels, since they are being affected by the profits from the high costs of production. Ariel Díaz-Alejo / Hoy Newspaper

Prices of all fuels rise from RD$1.70 to RD$4.10 per gallon starting today, Saturday, until December 11, only natural gas maintains its price.

As explained by the MICM, the increases respond to increases in both international oil prices and world stock markets.

The Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Mipymes (MICM) informed that regular gasoline would be sold at RD$196.30 and premium at RD$208.90, RD$2.50 more per gallon each; In contrast, regular diesel will rise RD$2.60 to RD$159.00, and optimal at RD$170.90, rising RD$3.80 per gallon.

Liquefied gas will be dispensed at RD$117.90, RD$1.70 more per gallon. Natural gas will maintain its price of RD$28.97 per cubic meter.

Avtur will be sold at RD$120.20 up by RD$3.50 per gallon; kerosene will increase by RD$4.10 up to RD$145.40; fuel oil #6 will increase by RD$2.80 up to RD$108.40, and fuel oil #1 will increase by RD$4.90.

Also, the rise in international prices is explained by the fact that OPEC oil-exporting countries and Russia will agree on Thursday to continue production cuts to adjust to lower demand.

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