Economy December 21, 2020 | 7:38 am

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Dominican Republic fails to collect mining revenue

Santo Domingo.- Of the 43 mining deposits owned by the State, in the last administration only 20 payments were received, said Cesar Cedeño, director of National Assets and the State Sugar Council, noting that these economic resources did not enter the State coffers in the past administration.

He highlighted that the inclusion of these gypsum, aggregate and coral mines in the collections of the State Sugar Council has led to increase their monthly collections from RD$25 million to RD$81 million in the last four months.

“For several years the State did not receive the resources corresponding to the rents for exploitation of some mining resources,” Cedeño said.

Recovery of assets

In the process of cleaning up both entities, they have managed to raise performance indicators by 32 percentage points and increase collections, Cedeño said, citing the case of Bienes Nacionales as an example, which went from charging four million pesos a month to RD$15 million.

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