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Ron Brugal celebrates 45 years of Extra Viejo

Forty-five years ago, as a Christmas gift for Dominicans, Casa Brugal shared their family reserve. This is how Extra Viejo was born, a rum that is admired for its high quality and authenticity. Four decades later, its unique character and iconic mesh continue to represent the best of an identity renowned for its passion and playfulness.

“Extra Viejo is an inimitable icon that over the years has won the hearts of Dominicans and the admiration of connoisseurs of the world of spirits,” said Francis Lora, Marketing Director of Ron Brugal.

The first premium rum from the Dominican Republic is aged in American white oak barrels used for once in Bourbon. It is complex throughout, with woody notes of vanilla, nuts, and spices.

In 2020 it celebrates its 45th anniversary intact and loyal to those who prefer its classic and invariable profile. “Always staying authentic is a challenge. That is why a toast with Extra Viejo in the Dominican Republic is an act of persistence, a way to celebrate with the best of us,” said Lora.

Every year, Casa Brugal makes millionaire investments to acquire the best barrels to age its rums.

“Extra Viejo is still done like the first day, with the same care, with attention to every detail. It was and continues to be our first masterpiece,” he added.

Today, Casa Brugal is a global producer of premium rums that are a leader with a valuable portfolio of great spirits and iconic brands in the Dominican Republic. Ron Brugal has become a global ambassador for Dominicans’ best and is one of the world’s most recognized and admired brands.

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