Economy January 2, 2021 | 11:31 am

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Fuel prices remain stable

The Ministry of Industry and Commerce announced today that fuels would remain stable except for optimal diesel during the week of January 2-8.

Regular gasoline will be sold at 203.90 pesos (US $3.51/gal), while premium gasoline will be sold at 217.20 pesos (US $3.75/gal) per gallon.

Regular diesel will be sold at 167.80 pesos, while liquefied petroleum gas will be sold at 122.70 pesos per gallon.

In natural gas, it will maintain its price of 28.97 per cubic meter; however, the optimum diesel will be sold at 179.80, for a rise of 1 peso and 30 cents per gallon.

Kerosene will increase by 50 cents to be sold at 153.50 pesos per gallon.

Fuel Oil #6 will sell at $112.10 per gallon with one peso ten cents increase, while Fuel Oil 1%S will sell at $125.80 per gallon, increasing 30 cents.

According to Industry and Commerce, the State will assume commitments to importers amounting to 68 million pesos to avoid transferring them to the final consumer.

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