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What is required to be a “delivery worker”?

With the Covid-19 pandemic, the delivery service has been extended to avoid infections when going out on the streets and due to traffic restrictions at certain times. / LD

Santo Domingo, DR

During the coronavirus pandemic, which caused the Covid-19 disease, home services have increased significantly in the Dominican Republic. This is evidenced by the number of delivery companies that circulate day and night in Greater Santo Domingo’s streets.

This has become an opportunity for thousands of people who can get jobs as delivery workers by meeting specific minimum requirements.

In general terms, the requirements of the leading companies that offer these services in the country are that the candidates are older than 18 years old, that they have a vehicle to transport goods (motorcycle, car, or bicycle) with insurance and a driver’s license.

“Any person interested in generating additional income in their free time in Santo Domingo and Santiago can take advantage of the Uber Eats app, as long as they meet some basic requirements. These include being over 18 years old with a valid driver’s license and having a car or motorcycle in good condition, properly insured, and with complete documentation. Additionally, if you have a bicycle you must be over 18 years old and have an identity card,” declared Uber Eats Dominican Republic to Listín Diario.

The company highlights that registering in the app as a delivery partner is easy. You only have to download the application “Partner Driver” or “Uber Driver” in the app store on your cell phone and upload the documentation and banking information to receive weekly earnings.

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This company indicated that it does not issue statements on pilots’ hiring because this process is done through an external agency, not its Human Resources department.

According to the information available on their website, some requirements are to be at least 18 years old and fit for work, to have a motorcycle or bicycle with insurance up to date, and an iPhone 4s (or higher) or Android (4.2 or higher) phone.

To register on the website, interested parties only need to provide their name, telephone number, e-mail address, date of birth, and indicate whether they have their vehicle and ID or passport.

In October 2020, this company, which this year expects to operate in 14 countries in Latin America and double the monthly orders volume, reported that it employs about 35,000 dealers.


According to the information also available on its website, this seems to be the most demanding company. In addition to what the previous ones request, it requires a criminal record certification, one year’s work experience, two letters of recommendation, and a bachelor’s degree.

It also requires that delivery personnel have a helmet and must take training to use the system and the process.


Some of the delivery companies consulted confirmed that they required a license and an insured vehicle to hire them. Others indicated that they were also asked for a letter of good conduct.


We must point out that although these are the basic requirements, regularly after a candidate presents the required documentation, companies usually carry out an evaluation and training process.

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