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They define protocol for bars and restaurants

The restaurants will have staff to control the number of people and the distance.

Santo Domingo, DR

The Ministry of Public Health and the Association of Bars and Restaurants agreed on the new measures and protocols to be implemented in the entertainment centers to avoid the spread of COVID-19, which includes the accreditation of those places, distancing control personnel, masks, and others.

According to the Ministry of Health in a press release, the protocol will be assisted by the National Police, the Directorate for the Control of Alcoholic Beverages (COBA), and the Public Ministry.

The press release states that from now on, it will be necessary to receive accreditation of restaurants or bars that will be issued after the interested party sends a request letter addressed to the Minister of Public Health, describing the type of activity of the bar or restaurant, working hours, protocols suggested in the establishment, the dimension of the areas for the clients, then the evaluation of the establishment by the health inspectors would come, amounting to 714 nationwide.

Likewise, the availability of a team of people at the entrance of the premises will be verified to ensure compliance with the protocol, guarantee hygiene measures, use of masks, physical distancing, taking temperature and order, number of tables and people, as well as the implements for hand washing and disinfection of the premises.

The Ministry of Health will issue a certification that consists of the establishment’s name, the number of people allowed and signed by the provincial director of health, which must be placed at the entrance for public viewing and protocol.

The governing body of Public Health in the country announced that, at random, it would send its inspectors to ensure compliance with the protocol, the Health Law, and the decrees that govern the state of emergency.

The meeting

At the meeting, headed by the Minister of Health, Dr. Plutarco Arias, the Health Cabinet director, Robinson Díaz, were present representatives of the entertainment sector. They determined the process for issuing the certification in which the maximum number of people in the bars is stated.

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